Why Three Heads Are Better Than One

It’s often said, two or three heads are better than one. While this is particularly true in regard to problem solving, it is also applied when you do business. I have in the past thought of starting a business and running it on my own. However, at some point, is was confronted with fears and doubts as to whether I would make it alone. I know many people who have worked their way out on their own by setting up sole businesses. Nonetheless, these people have in one way or the other sought advice, opinions, suggestions, and help from other people. I have now realized that working together as a group can make better choices in starting and running a business. Here are my good reasons why three heads may be better than one when it comes to having a startup and running it.

Brings better ideas
We have been able to brainstorm on ideas, strategies, decisions, and actions my two brothers and I take. Business ideas can be weak at times and need to be looked at from different perspectives. Fortunately, when we met to discuss about our business ideas, I realized that what I thought was the best approach,  was actually not. Therefore, we had to do some changes and adjustments so that we reduce the risks of starting our business and ensure that it does not fail.

Helps in problem solving
In our business set up, we have encountered problems almost in every stage. However, we have been able to solve every other problem that comes our way during the time we have been running the business. Some of the problems we have faced, I must attest to the fact that, I wouldn’t have solved them if I were running the business on my own. Working closely with my brothers in solving our business problems has allowed us get solutions to many of them and move ahead smoothly.

Builds support and confidence
During those times when our business has experienced ups and downs, we have had to give support to each other. This has indeed created confidence in running the business. When we solve issues together and see progress with the startup, it only makes us more determined to succeed. Tackling problems together has seen us even maneuver the most difficult situations including financial setbacks or reduced customer base.

Reduces fear in running our business
Fear has been part of our business endeavors, but we have learned how to conquer it. We have put our heads together to plan on how we run the business meaning that we sort out most of the problems that could create fear. For example, we know that emergencies can strike when the business experiences a downtime and reduced sales. We have prepared for such a situation by establishing a contingency fund for the business.

These are some of the reasons why I would advocate that three heads are surely better than one when doing business. Every stride we have made in our business has been due to the collaborative effort we have put in place.

Randal Hernandez