How We Spend Free Time on Empty Wallets

The journey to becoming a successful entrepreneur is not one without setbacks. When my brothers and I started our entrepreneurial plan, we focused on saving every single cent we earned. Spending was a big hurdle and we wanted to scale down the amount we dished out on unnecessary purchases and expenses. A frugal living would save us from the bad spending habits to successful entrepreneurs with a bright financial future. However, we were not going to do that only the three of us.

We had to involve our families and ensure they understood why we had to take that kind of shift in our lives. During our free time, we discovered that we had been spending a lot of money with our families and friends. For that reason, we identified ways in which we could spend our free time without putting a dent on our pockets. Here is how we save money by indulging in activities that don’t cost a penny.

We take families for picnic at the park
Our families need our company and love. Spending time with them in the park makes us reduce the cost of going out. We don’t need to take a trip to the expensive restaurants or indulge in Disneyland-style outings. We have taught our families how to be minimalistic and adopt a lifestyle that saves us money but creates the happiness and good health we need. We take with us packed food at the park so we don’t have to buy snacks from vendors or cafés.

Organize potluck lunches and dinners
Once in awhile, we take our families for cooking expeditions right in our homes. Fortunately, we do not reside miles away from each other. A few minutes drive would take us to any of our separate homes. After every few months, we stage a potluck lunch or dinner in the yard. We make it a merry-go-round activity. When we host a potluck party in my family’s home, the next one we stage it in one of my brothers’ home. We rotate it and at times, we organize it in our neighbor’s home where our families attend.

Take part in neighborhood cleanup
Keeping our neighborhood clean is a mission for our family and our neighbors. We have learned to participate in community cleanup tasks. We never miss any of these activities, something that has helped our families learn how to be environmentally conscious. It also saves us money during those weekends we are free.

Home maintenance and cleanup
Not only do we engage in community cleanup but also take time to deep clean our houses. I also teach my elder son how to maintain equipments like the lawn mowers. Often, we organize for a family cleanup where we invite the families of my brothers. What’s more, we go to their homes and conduct a deep cleanup. This ensures that we maintain the cleanup costs down while keeping ourselves busy when we are not working.

Our frugal living has helped us build a strong financial background and can invest in startups and meet emergency expenses that come our way. We know that every dollar we save, it is a step forward towards attaining financial freedom. Our families have been able to keep debts at minimal levels.

Randal Hernandez