How We Help Each Other Outside of Business

I am in a business partnership together with my two brothers. While we give each other support in matters pertaining to business, on the other hand, we have realized that there are personal or family issues that we need to support each other. Extending our support from the business to family or personal life has only made up more unified and determined to succeed. Here are ways we help one another outside of our business undertakings.

Financial needs
Although we run a business together, we have families we take care of. There can occur problems with our families that need the support of each one of us. We have learned and trained ourselves not to run away when one of us experiences personal financial issues. We put our hands together and make contributions to help each other.

For example, at one time, I had a big medical bill, which I could not settle after my son fell ill. My two brothers helped me meet the bill by making some contributions. This made me understand how strong we are tied in not only to our business but also when it comes to meeting our personal goals and challenges.

Decision making
At home, we have families and need to make decisions regarding issues of the family. Sometimes, we encounter issues that need proper decision making. My older brother once had an issue with his wife. Although it was a family matter, he talked to us about it.

Since we could not help, we asked him to consider seeing a counselor so that they tackle the matter before it gets out of hand. We also encouraged him to be open-minded and involve the entire family in decision making. The advice we gave him to see a counselor was actually a wise decision he made.

Problem solving
We have been running our business smoothly despite the ups and downs. However, we also know that each of us experiences personal problems. We know that personal problems can affect our input into the business. Therefore, we strive to ensure that whenever one of us has personal problems of whichever nature whether financial, social, family, or time management, we give a helping hand.

Helping each other outside of our business has only made us more unified, strong, and determined. We have avoided issues that could have an impact on our business by offering support and help whenever needed at family or personal level. Our families are happy and their future is protected because we participate to help one another in both business and out of business.

Randal Hernandez