How to Protect Your Business for the Long Haul

Part of being a successful business owner is knowing what measures to have in place to ensure that your business can withstand operations for the long haul. First and foremost, your product or service has to be impeccable and remain in demand. It is ideal to retain the services of a business management specialist to ensure that your company is meeting financial goals and making the right decisions.

Use an Outside Accounting Firm
An accounting team can help keep all of your business’ checks and balances in order. It can also be given the task of breaking down company spending habits by category. Those reports can help a company determine where spending is too much and develop a plan to reduce it.

Saving Money on Office Supplies
Most of the cost of office supplies can be cut if employees are required to provide their own writing instruments, erasers, cover-up and small desk-area needs. Pens alone can cost a business over $1,000 per year. Document copying should also be limited to absolute necessities only. This reduces the use of company equipment for personal use (which is common) and excessive printing of unnecessary copies.

Liability Insurance
Every business should have liability insurance. If there is an injury to a visitor, customer or employee the insurance would cover medical costs and other fees. It also covers the company if an employee damages the property of another business while performing a work-related task such as a delivery or presentation.

Worker’s Compensation Coverage
Employee injuries can happen at any type of business. It is important to be involved with the worker’s compensation program to make sure that your employees are taken care of should they become injured. The coverage would help pay the employee while he or she gets physical therapy and is unable to work, or recovers from surgery or the injury itself.

Reducing Overhead Costs
Overhead costs include the cost of operating the office space such as electricity, water and equipment maintenance costs. A company can reduce some of its overhead by making some positions work-at-home opportunities. For this, implementing a cloud network is ideal. At home-workers should use an approved online time clock with screenshot capabilities. Employees working at home should make the same wage as those working in-office since they are performing the same job.

Capital in Reserve
It is important to have capital in reserve that can be accessed in a financial crisis or following a business tragedy. This reserve should be enough to cover all of the company’s expenses, including payroll and supply costs for a period of at least 6 months. This gives the company enough time to recover and reconstruct its business plan to continue operations.

Closing Thoughts
Prior to starting a business, it is important to work with a business management specialist and financial planner. These two individuals can help you create a proper plan for success by creating goals to achieve and putting necessary measures in place. Having the proper staff in place along with policies, insurance programs and savings will set the business up for success in the long haul.

Randal Hernandez