Are Video Ads Effective for Your Business?

Few trends have had the same impact on our world as videos. From their birth as television adverts to the modern success of livestreaming apps, video seems to be one of the few marketing trends that’s here to stay. The question is, will video ads be effective for your business?

These five tips will help you to decide whether or not video is a relevant option for your business.

Be inventive in your industry

There are certain industries that lend themselves to video. Fashion, music, entertainment and sports seem to be a more natural space to explore the potential of video executions. However, if you are creative and inventive, you can use video to explore the kind of narratives that grab the attention of any audience. If you are brave and creative enough to set a new trend within your industry, then video marketing will set yourself apart from competitors.

Think about your target audience

Video is very popular among tech-savvy consumers. If your audience consists of younger people, then video can be the ideal way to express your business’s message. If your audience is older, or chooses to consume advertising on more traditional channels like television, then you may need to invest in a different video campaign. Remember – video content can be served on a wide variety of channels and not only in the digital world.

Grabbing the attention of the user

Regardless of which channel you select; it is crucial that your video grabs the attention of viewers on your selected channel. Try to think of a storyline or concept that makes people want to see what happenings next. You can achieve this with humor, emotion or drama – do whatever it takes to create an attention-grabbing video and it is more likely to become effective from a business perspective.

Thinking of your staff

Video does not necessarily have to be consumer-facing. Internal videos are often a better way to train, educate, and motivate your own staff. If you apply the same approach to creating videos for your own team as you would for creating public content, you can create video content that helps your business become more effective and successful.

Consider the longevity of your content

Unlike flyers, billboards or social media posts, video content has a long lifespan – just think about how often you watch your favorite movies or videos on YouTube. This creates an opportunity for businesses that have a sustainable, long-term story to tell. If you want to run a campaign or drive a specific part of your business, then video can be an effective option. If your company focuses more on special moments or once-off events, your use of video needs to be adjusted to suit that model. For example, short trailers or cost-effective teaser videos may be a useful communication tool.

Bottom line

Video content will be effective for your business provided you take the above information into consideration. Once you have made a decision to create great video, it is time to get into the creative side of things and decide what kind of story you are going to tell to captivate, excite, and convert your consumers.

Randal Hernandez