About Us


What’s up, we’re three brothers trying to make an honest dollar. Here at B2BIS together and individually we will share our roles in life, business, and brotherhood. We are in no way experts and honestly, this is a scary new adventure for all three of us and our family. Come and watch us on our path to success as we experience the struggles and blessings of creating something for ourselves to be proud of.

Introducing Randal (oldest), Wayne (middle child love), and Noel Hernandez (youngest). Randal and Wayne are both married and also have two kids. While Noel is the single bachelor of the three, ladies. Growing up our family was poor, which was a blessing in disguise cause it created a bond between us that can never be broken. Randal is definitely the more businesses minded one of the group. Wayne is the hands on type. Noel is the one with the most time, so he gets all the stuff done that we can’t, which is crucial to this trio. Most would say to not mix family and business, but we wouldn’t have it any other way. We all bring something to the table and we all act as a comfort blanket for each other. We’re not rich financially, yet, but we are rich in love and passion.