3 Small Business Ideas We’ve Come Up With

At the beginning when we were planning to start a business, we came up with ideas. Each one of us had a different idea. My two brothers had ideas that I didn’t imagine would be practicable and profitable. However, I discovered that there were more opportunities than just the ideas we had. It just needed us to find the most viable idea and then build it. Here are three ideas my two brothers and I came up with.

Event planning and photography
One of the ideas that we came up with was starting an event planning business. This idea came up because our elder brother was working with a company that organizes events such as weddings, birthday parties, corporate team building, and luncheons. At least, we had the expertise and this was a lucrative thing to do.

Today, people are hosting events and they do not have the time and experience to plan for them. They often seek experts in event planning to handle the cumbersome and highly demanding event organization and planning. I love photography and by incorporating it on the event planning we thought it would also give us an edge in tapping in more revenues. Of course, many people hosting events also seek photography and videography services.

House cleaning services
Another choice we had in our business ideas is establishing a cleaning service. We wanted to come up with an innovative solution in offering cleaning services where households could make bookings and pay for their services through an app. My young brother has worked in the hotel industry as a housekeeper. Again, we had expertise we could tap into and help the business kick off. In house cleaning, we wanted to employ cleaners, buy the cleaning equipment, seek the license, and market the business besides raising capital.

Marketing consultancy
I have worked as a marketing professional in a corporate organization. I understand the dimensions of marketing products and services. I put forward this business idea because I thought that it would earn us money if we helped other entities to develop sound marketing strategies and decisions.

While all these were viable business ideas, we had to brainstorm and seek advice and guidance from those who have tried each of these businesses. Our networking helped us discover, which option was more viable than others. We settled on the house cleaning business and today, our clients are happy that we have offered quality home and office cleanup services. We have also employed very dedicated cleaning staff and obtained state-of-the-art cleaning equipment.

Randal Hernandez