3 Content Tips We Got to Increase Engagement

Posting on your website blog, social media or online anywhere is prudent for your business success. How can you make sure your customers are engaging with your posts? You can track them online with some websites you may utilize, but others are not as easy to track results. Knowing how you can help improve the content you post so that engagement is increased will help you make substantial Facebook postings, blog posts, or Twitter tweets. Check out these three tips to improve the content and make it worthwhile for your clients to read it.

Timing is Everything
You want your postings to be timed just right that they get the maximum exposure. Posting a great article or clip about a new service does nothing if your clients are not seeing it when they log on. Utilize the tracking items on sites such as Facebook to generate your content when the most of your clients are logged on. This will help increase exposure of your work and engage more clients than if you just randomly post throughout the day.

Catchy Title and Introduction
Make sure your clients want to read the item from the time they see the title pop up on their screen. That means you need to get creative with constructing a title that draws them in and an introduction that keeps them there. Use phrasing that makes them want to keep on reading instead of clicking off the page. Learn the buzzwords of the day, such as the popular use of “epic” in recent times. Use these keywords in the title to entice your readers to explore more.

Don’t Forget The Pictures
While a great article is worth gold, pictures are worth one thousand words. You want to break up the monotony of your words with plenty of graphics and photos. This can draw in other clients as well when they see your images, even if the title isn’t quite catchy enough. Be sure you have added in plenty of art and graphics to keep them looking and reading your content. They will stay more engaged in what you have to say and are more likely to read to the end instead of bailing out before the third paragraph.

These are just a few tips on how you can create engaging content and draw in your clients to act on your postings. Remember it’s not always about your products or services, as you need to supply them with useful information.

Randal Hernandez